It looks like the marketing sector is keen to embrace digital. For instance, 54% of people working in marketing say new cloud technology is giving them a competitive edge. But how digital-savvy is it compared to other industries?

In our Office Insights report, we look at how firms across EMEA are responding to the latest developments in the workplace.

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over half of marketeers say new cloud tech gives them a competitive edge


of marketeers expect most people will access work systems with their own devices in three years


of marketeers say their business uses cloud to manage documents or content

In this report, we look at how marketing organisations are responding to the digital workplace in Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Africa and the Middle East. The aim? To uncover insights and find ways to make print more secure, less complicated and more efficient.

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  • Why digital has changed the way marketeers approach print
  • How marketing’s use of digital compares to other sectors
  • Whether marketing is ready for technological change over the next three years
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