The better you manage your documents, the smoother your business runs. But from file to print tray, it’s a complex process.

In this guide, we deal with the four main challenges in document management. And show you how to automate tasks, cut waste, secure your data and free staff to manage documents on the move.

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agree that automating document filing and storage will save time


are concerned about employees losing documents or leaving them unsecured


are likely to pick a printer or MFD that allows remote access

How do you keep track of your documents? Who can see, share, edit and print them? And what do they cost you? These can be tricky questions to answer. But if you do so, you can make your business safer, more efficient and more agile.

Our new guide tackles the big challenges around documents and print. And gives you practical ways to overcome them.

Download our guide. And see how Canon products help you to:

  • Cut costs
  • Improve print efficiencies
  • Reduce physical storage
  • Increase document protection
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